Sunday Schools

There are 10 Sunday Schools at Niranam Church, which trains the younger generation of the parish in liturgy and faith. Over 620 students are enrolled in these Sunday Schools. Under the Niranam Diocese, these schools are grouped together as Niranam District, which is regulated by a Sunday School Inspector.

Sunday School Inspector

Mr. Aby Philip,
Niranam. Ph: 2711380

Following are the Sunday Schools in the parish

  1. St. Mary’s Sunday School, Pallibhagom, Niranam
  2. St. Mary’s Sunday School, Niranam Central
  3. St. Thomas Sunday School, Poovamveli, Niranam Central
  4. Mar Baselious Sunday School, Elanjickal Bhagom, Niranam Central
  5. St. Thomas Sunday School, Mannamthottuvazhy
  6. St. Gregorious Sunday School, Mannamthottuvazhy
  7. St. Mary’s Sunday School, Thekkumbhagom, Niranam
  8. St. Thomas Sunday School, Kadapra
  9. M P M Sunday School, Valanjavattom
  10. M G M Sunday School, Valanjavattom