Martha Mariam Samajams

Martha Mariam Samajams are prayer groups for women of the parish. There are 13 units of Samajam, functioning in the parish. These units have a centralisation, under the Vicar, Asst. Vicar and the Group Secretary. Each of the Samajams meet once every week and conduct prayer meetings. Every Wednesday, there is a common prayer meeting held in the church, which is attended by members from all units.

Once in every four months, a Group meeting is held, for all units’ members to come together. Units take rotation in hosting this event. Classes are conducted by eminent personalities of the Church and the activities of the Samajams are evaluated.

The Martha Mariam Samajam Units in the parish :

  1. St. Mary’s, Niranam Central
  2. St. Thomas, Poovamveli
  3. Mar Baselious, Elanjickal
  4. St. Thomas, Mannamthottuvazhy
  5. St. Gregorious, Mannamthottuvazhy
  6. St. Gregorious, Koippurathu Kaleekkal
  7. St. Mary’s, Pallibhagom
  8. St. Mary’s, Vizhalil
  9. St. Mary’s, Thekkumbhagom
  10. St. Thomas, Kadapra
  11. St. Gregorious, Niranam Vadakkumbhagom
  12. M P M, Valanjavattom
  13. M G M, Valanjavattom