Historical Events

Ordinations at Niranam Church

10th July 1761: Mar Thoma V ordained Mar Thoma VI as his successor

10th July 1770: Enthronement of Mar Thoma VI as Mar Dionysius I by Mar Gregorios and Mar Ivanios (Antiochian bishops)

15th September 1912: Ordination of H.H. Baselius Paulose I as the first Catholicose of the Indian Orthodox Church by H.H. Abdul Messiah, the Patriarch of Antioch and the establishment of Catholicate in India

30th April 1925: Ordination of H.H.Baselius Geevarghese I as the second Catholicose

16th February 1975: Ordination of 5 bishops-Geevarghese Mar Osthathios, Paulose Mar Gregorious, Thomas Mar Makarios, Stephanos Mar Theodosius and Joseph Mar Pakomios-by H.H.Baselius Augen I, the Catholicose and Malankara Metropolitan.

Episcopal Demises at Niranam Church

17th April 1686: Mar Thoma II

10th May 1765: Mar Thoma V

8th April 1808: Mar Thoma VI

22th January 1816: Mar Thoma VIII

Malankara Associations at Niranam Church

17th May 1962: H.G.Augen Mar Thimothios elected as the successor to Catholicose of the East and Malankara Metropolitan

2nd October 1974: 5 priests elected as Metropolitan designates

Other important events and visits

1876: Visit of H.H. Peter III, Patriarch of Antioch

14th February 1912: Consecration of the present church building by H.G. Geevarghese Mar Dianysius, the Malankara Metropolitan

15th September 1912: Visit of H.H. Abdul Messiah, Patriarch of Antioch and the establishment of Catholicate in the Indian Orthodox Church

1916 (Edavam 16, 1091): Golden Cross of the Niranam Church was stolen by Kolappan.

26th December 1952: Celebration of 1950 th anniversary of St Thomas’ arrival; Consecration of the newly built Golden Cross

15th November 1963: Visit of H.H. Vasgan I, Catholicose of Armenia

June 1964: Visit of H.H. Yakoob III, Patriarch of Antioch

10th October 1972: Celebrated the 1900th anniversary of martyrdom of St. Thomas the Apostle

8th September 1982: 70 th Anniversary of the establishment of Catholicate in India; Visit of H.H. Elia II, Patriarch of Georgia

19th November 2000: Visit of H.H. Bartholomew I, Ecumenical Patriarch of Constantinople