Prayer Groups

Prayer Groups are groups for men belonging to a certain geographical area within the parish to come together and pray. There are 14 Prayer Groups in the parish. Prayer groups also form the basis of administrative control, since the members of the managing committee of the parish are elected from every Prayer Group.

The Prayer Groups in the parish are:

  1. St. Mary’s, Pallibhagom
  2. St. Mary’s, Vizhalil Bhagom
  3. St. Gregorious, Koippurathu Kaleekkal Bhagom
  4. St. Thomas, Kadapra Bhagom
  5. M G M, Valanjavattom
  6. M P M, Valanjavattom, Eramallikkara
  7. St. Mary’s, Thekkumbhagom
  8. St. Thomas, Mannamthottuvazhy
  9. St. Gregorious, Mannamthottuvazhy
  10. Mar Baselious, Elanjickal Bhagom
  11. Parumala Mannar, Kadapra Mannar, Pavukkara
  12. St. Gregorious, Niranam Vadakkumbhagom
  13. St. Thomas, Poovamveli Bhagom
  14. St. Mary’s, Niranam Central and Puthoopalli Bhagom